Here you can find information about actually playing Triumph, from the characters to our safety document.

About COVID-19

Owing to COVID-19, the game has been moved to Nov 18th-Nov 21st, 2021 at the same location as before. We hope — along with the rest of the world — that it will be possible to gather safely at that time. Obviously, we have no better information than you do as to what the world will actually look like. The safety of our players and our organizers is our top priority; we will be monitoring all recommended guidelines and following them to ensure as safe an event as possible.


The organisers of Triumph value the safety of players. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment. This document details the rules we expect players to follow during the game.

Character Types

Characters are the focal points of any larp experience. Each and every character brief will contain a background detailing the character’s past experience and how they came to be the person they are at the start of the action. As organizers, our hope is that the characters will change and grow over the three days they are part of Triumph. Your experience (and character brief) will depend upon whether you play a Triumph, a Mentor, or a Citizen.


We’re big fans of transparency, and we’d like to give the players as much control over the casting process as we can. So, here’s our plan.

Triumph Character Blurbs

Here are all the blurbs for the characters available to play in Triumph. These are intended as a brief sketch; a fuller character sheet will be available closer to the event, with more details about motivations and relationships.