June 22, 2020

About COVID-19

Owing to COVID-19, the game has been moved to Nov 17th-Nov 20th, 2022 at the same location as before. We hope — along with the rest of the world — that it will be possible to gather safely at that time.

Obviously, we have no better information than you do as to what the world will actually look like. The safety of our players and our organizers is our top priority; we will be monitoring all recommended guidelines and following them to ensure as safe an event as possible. We are very optimistic that we will be able to run the game we envision in 2022, and will keep you informed of any changes we need to make, should there be any.

If you have any specific safety concern in relation to COVID-19 or for that matter any other safety concern please do contact us at safety@triumphlarp.org