August 22, 2019

Sign Up

Sign up for Triumph has already occurred, but with COVID-19 the run has been moved to Nov 17th-20th, 2022. Accordingly, we are anticipating some reshuffling of players to accomodate our new schedule. If you’d like to join the waitlist, please fill out the form. The following information is out-of-date, but remains here for reference.

Sign up for Triumph, running Nov 19th-22nd, 2020 will open on Monday, Oct 14th, 2019 at noon CEST and remain open for one week, until Monday, Oct 21st, at noon CEST. It doesn’t matter when you sign up during that period; if there are more signups than spots, there will be a random lottery to determine who gets a spot. By signing up, you are agreeing to purchase a ticket, if one is available for you.

At the moment, we are planning for a single run from Nov 19th-22nd, 2020. If there is sufficient interest, we will have a second run on Nov 26th-29th, 2020. You may sign up for a single run (with the proviso that we are not guaranteeing that the second run will happen), or indicate that you are able to play either run. If you sign up for both runs, you may be able to buy tickets for both runs if these are available. We have a strong preference for a single full run over two half-full runs; the second run will only occur if we feel confident we can fill both of them.

The full cost of a ticket is 470€. You can either pay the full amount by Nov 8st, or pay in installments. There is a 25€ administration fee for paying in installments. The first payment of 100€ is due by Nov 8th, with a second payment of 150€ due on Feb 1st and the remainder of 245€ due by Jun 1st. Payment will be handled by a money transfer to our banking account. We will provide our IBAN number. If this represents an issue for you, you may contact us to see if we can arrange an alternative method.

There is a space for a “Group Name”. If you wish to attend only if someone else gets a ticket as well, you can fill this in. In the event of a lottery, everyone sharing the same “Group Name” will be selected together. This option is only available to you if none of you are trying for a Sponsored Ticket.

Elite Tickets

You can, when you sign up, volunteer to pay an additional 50€ in order to sponsor someone who is otherwise unable to pay full price. This amount will be added to your first payment, and will enable us to defray the cost for another attendee. For every three Elite Tickets sold, we will be able to offer an additional Sponsored ticket.

Sponsored tickets are designed so people who would not otherwise be able to afford to attend can do so. We have two types of sponsored tickets: local and non-local. Local tickets are reserved for Croatian residents, while non-local tickets are for everyone else. The cost of a sponsored ticket is 270€. As with the regular tickets, you can either pay the full amount immediately by Nov 8th, or pay in installments with a 25€ administrative fee. The first payment of 50€ is due by Nov 8th, with a second payment of 75€ due on Feb 1st and the remainder of 170€ due by Jun 1st.

We will start with a pool of 4 sponsored tickets, divided equally between local and international tickets. As people buy elite tickets, this pool will expand to a maximum of 10 sponsored tickets. Signing up for a sponsored ticket will not affect your casting or responsibilities in game.

When you sign up, you will have to choose whether you are trying for a regular ticket, a local sponsored ticket, or a non-local sponsored ticket. This is largely an honor system; sponsored tickets are intended to give those larpers who could not otherwise attend the event a chance to attend. If you can afford to pay full price, please sign up for a regular ticket. If it would be a financial hardship to do so—for whatever reason—you are welcome to try for a sponsored ticket instead.

Single Rooms

All rooms are double occupancy. We will have the capacity for a number of single occupancy rooms. There will be an option to choose a single occupancy room during sign up; doing so will increase the cost of a ticket by 50€, due when your first payment is due.

If we do not have enough space for everyone who is interested to get a single occupancy room, they will be randomly allocated.

Waitlist Policy

In the event that we have more signups than space available, we will have a waitlist. There is an option to be added to the waitlist when you sign up. If you accept a spot from the waitlist, you will be expected to remit payment within a week.

Safety Concerns

After sign up closes, we will be circulating the names of all those who signed up, to give players an opportunity to flag other players who represent safety concerns. We will have the list of names available by October 22nd, and you will have until October 27th to respond.

If you are not signing up, you can always email with any safety concerns, and we will look into them.

Lottery Procedure

If we need to do a lottery, we will randomize all those who signed up for regular or elite tickets, with all those who signed up as a group getting a single slot but getting picked together. We will then randomly choose entries one at a time from the regular and elite pool, with every three elite tickets being chosen adding an additional sponsored ticket spot. Once we have selected all the regular tickets, we will then fill the sponsored ticket spots.

We will indicate whether you have gotten a space by Nov 1st.

Refund Policy

We cannot promise refunds, and spots in Triumph are non-transferable. If you are unable to attend, let us know as soon as possible. If there is a waitlist, we will offer the spot to anyone currently waiting. If we do not have anyone lined up immediately, we will continue to look for someone to fill the spot. If we do, and we have a full run, we will be able to offer a complete reimbursement of what you have paid so far, minus a 25€ administrative charge. In the event we do not have a full run, we will be able to offer a partial refund of half the amount you have paid until Jun 1, and 25% of the amount you have paid thereafter.