August 22, 2019


Triumph will be run at the Bluesun Hotel Kaj, located in Marija Bistrica, Croatia.

It’s less than an hour’s drive outside of Zagreb. Our deal includes exclusive use of all the guest rooms in the hotel, the conference facilities, the spa, and one of the restaurants at all times; the only space we don’t have exclusive use of is the other restaurant and the central bar area (which we’ll share with what the hotel assures us is a small number of regulars. There is plenty of play space even discounting the bar). The hotel is very excited to host us, and wants to work with us to make this the best event possible.

The rooms are very well-appointed and comfortable, many with balconies. We had a chance to sample the food, and it’s all very impressive. The hotel will be providing catering for the event, and we’re going to be working with them to provide the best options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The spa is beautiful, and if you want spa services beyond the sauna or whirlpools we’ll be facilitating booking those.

It was important to us to find someplace rich and evocative to represent the Eternal City—the contrast between the difficult lives lived out in the cantons and the opulence represented by the capital is an important element of the larp, and the conditions of the Triumphs during the Games, the final day, is likely to be significantly more harrowing. We’re also very sensitive to the need to drop out of play for an hour or two sometimes, especially for long, emotionally intense games. That goes double for players who have been eliminated in the Games; one of your options (although not the only one) will be simply to relax at the hotel and recover, getting ready for the after party.