December 6, 2021

The Winter Games!

We, the organizers of Triumph, are pleased to announce The Winter Games! The Winter Games are three online larps, all prequels to our live game running in November, 2022. While they form an historical and atmospheric background to Triumph participation in the Winter Games is not essential in order to enjoy the in-person larp to the full.

The games will each accommodate about 20 players, and will be played in early 2022 over Discord. All games will be free to join and play. The are open to all, although preferential space will be given to those playing in Triumph and those on the waitlist for the game. We will be running scenarios based on the relative interest in each one; with enough interest we may run some scenarios two or even three times. You are welcome to sign up for multiple scenarios and multiple runs, and we will accommodate as many players as possible.

You can express your interest by filling out our form. We will gather the results and schedule the larps within a few weeks, and we will have a subsequent signup for each individual game. And of course, if you are interested in joining the waitlist for the live game in November, you can do so here.

The scenarios are listed below.

Seven Youths and Seven Maidens

The war is over. The Eternal City won, and the Cantons lost. It was a close-run thing and both sides sustained huge losses. Now representatives from the 12 Cantons are in the Eternal City to negotiate peace terms. The winning side, obviously, has the upper hand but can’t afford to let the losers discover just how weakened they are. The Cantons will try to get as favourable terms as they can. They have very little left to offer and some have only reluctantly laid down their arms. Both sides are battered, neither has much to give. The Eternal City asks each Canton to provide seven youths and seven maidens, annually, as a sacrifice. This is the beginning of the Triumphal Games …

Cast: Up to 12 representatives, one from each Canton and up to 8 characters representing the Eternal City. Not all these slots need to be filled.

This is a highly political game with each participant having a specific agenda to put forward. Some in the Eternal city have sympathy with the Cantons, some in the Cantons have always been aligned with the Eternal City. Matters are not simple. Alliances will be made and broken. Betrayal is a distinct possibility.

Bribery and Corruption

It is 23 years since the end of the war. The Eternal City has recovered and the Cantons are thoroughly suppressed. Out in the Arena there is a clear favourite, outshining the other Triumphs. Corporate heirs with more money than sense are betting heavily. However, on the third day, the favourite is killed in what seems to be a stroke of luck in the Triumph from Canton 9’s favour. Was it luck? Or was one of the Gamekeepers corrupted? What will happen if he or she is found guilty? If they are executed, who is sickened and who celebrates?

Cast: Up to 12 mentors, 4 gamekeepers, up to six heads of or heirs to corporations.

The Killing Floor

24 Triumphs go head to head in the arena. Who will be the Victor?

This scenario has no pre-defined plot. Players will be able to design their own characters and plot with the other Triumphs during the days prior to the game. The actual game will play out along consent lines, using a modified form of the mechanic we will be using for the in-person larp.

Cast: up to 24 triumphs.